The largest database of drugs treating various cystic fibrosis mutations

Find out which promising drugs are effective for your specific mutations based on the latest scientific studies.
  • 117
    Total number of drugs
  • 33
    Number of FDA- or EMA-approved drugs
  • 72
    Number of drugs in development
  • 12
    Number of dietary supplements

About us

The AIM (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) project aspires to collect and provide up-to-date research information related to a serious medical issue – the life-threatening, incurable genetic disorder of cystic fibrosis. The use of artificial intelligence makes processing an enormous amount of scientific data possible.

The output provided by the AIM tool is verified by scientific experts to ensure reliability. This way the general public gains access to the most complex information related to the specific medical issue. This includes drugs in various stages of development or currently available dietary supplements that could help alleviate the symptoms of the medical issue in question. Here we applied AIM to the research of therapeutics for cystic fibrosis, which has yielded more than 100 compounds treating various cystic fibrosis-causing mutations so far.

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